Friday, 20 April 2012

The Terran Emperors

My American correspondent, Sean M Brooks, highlights Anderson's Terran Emperors as potentially an interesting field of Andersonian criticism, one problem being how little we know of them.

We know that Manuel Argos founded the Empire.
There was a Manuel the Great, almost certainly Manuel Argos.
There was a Manuel II who might have been the Manuel the Wise mentioned by Aycharaych.
There were two Emperors named Pedro, a Pedro II being mentioned in The Game of Empire.
There was one Emperor named Olaf.
There were three Emperors named Josip.
There was an Isamu the Great, possibly an early Wang Dynasty Emperor.
Georgios Manuel Krishna Murasaki, the fourth Wang Emperor, was succeeded by his son, Josip III.
Josip was briefly succeeded by his unnamed Wang Dynasty heir.
Josip's heir was supplanted by Hans Molitor who was succeeded by Dietrich, then Gerhart.
Gerhart's heir is Crown Prince Karl.
The Empire had existed for perhaps four and a half centuries by Gerhart's reign.

There may be more information than this but not a lot. I have been shown that it is possible to extract a few details about Josip from the texts. (See here.) Data about Emperors are something I will look out for when re-reading the series.

(Thanks to Sean for revising my summary of Emperors into a more coherent chronological sequence.)

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