Sunday, 3 June 2012

Flandry's Life

"The Game of Glory" gives a unique account of Dominic Flandry's life over a period of two or more years, not just during a single incident or assignment.

During this period, Flandry:

has a first encounter with the Merseian agent A'u on the frontier planet Conjumar in the Spican province;

dispatches agents who search, unsuccessfully, for the escaped A'u on nearby planets;

has a first encounter with the Merseian agent Aycharaych in the Betelgeusean system;

infiltrates the Merseian Rhoidunate;

there finds an uninhabited terrestroid planet set aside as an aristocratic hunting preserve where the Terran Navy then builds an advanced base;

has leave on Terra where he spends three months at the Lyonid family's perpetual banquet, then fights a duel;

returns to Spica;

is involved in the conquest of the planet Brae where a clue enables him to track down A'u on the planet Nyanza.

We wish that the Flandry series had provided more such details.

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