Friday, 10 August 2012

Questions And Comments

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The phrase "cybernetic democracy" is not explained.

Because spirituality includes meditation, I do not agree that all spirituality is either pre-human or anti-rational.

Surely chaos makes modelling of all possible life forms impossible?

Is a theory of everything possible or are all theories not provisional? Surely abstract and empirical knowledge must be integrated and synthesised, not the abstract endlessly refined and the empirical ultimately ignored? Even if the universe were no longer scientifically mysterious to superior intellects, it would remain experientially mysterious to each new human being.

Why should unintegrated populations decline? They need not work to live or build but can still work to learn and create. I think that enough members of our species would do this so that a more intelligent and creative breed would emerge and would remain motivated to procreate. To be free in the fullest sense, they would need not only individual freedom of movement and action but also collective decision-making powers, processes and procedures but why should they not have these?

Indestructible consciousness independent of matter sounds like pure spirit and eternal life.

Here, I appreciate Anderson's imagination, agree with some of his value judgements and disagree with others. Onward, Earthlings.

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