Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Complete Works

My current part time job allows time for creative thinking. This morning, I returned to the question of presenting Poul Anderson's Complete Works in consecutive boxed sets and mentally compiled the following list:

(I) BC;
(II) Ys;
(III) Vikings;
(IV) The Last Viking
(V) The Fourteenth Century;
(VI) Many Times;
(VII) Time Patrol;
(VIII) Timelines;
(IX) Detectives;
(X) The Psychotechnic History;
(XI) League and Empire;
(XII) Empire and Long Night;
(XIII) Maurai;
(XIV) Harvest of Stars;
(XV) Five Future Histories;
(XVI) The Star Fox and Fire Time;
(XVII) Hoka;
(XVIII)-(XX) other non-series novels;
(XXI)-(?) short stories.

I think that covers everything. I don't know how many volumes the short stories would need. I could count the stories in the collections that I have, add those that are in any anthologies that I have and subtract for duplications but this would still not include any stories that are in collections or anthologies that I do not have or any that have not been collected or anthologized. I understand that NESFA Press is currently publishing Anderson's short stories in several volumes.

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