Friday, 26 October 2012

Important Ysans

The King.
The prefect. (A post vacant for two hundred years, then held by the man who also became King.)
The Nine Witch-Queens.
The vestals, any of whom might become a Queen.
Adruval Tyri, Sea Lord, ex officio Council member.
Bomatin Kusuri, sea captain, Marine delegate to the Council.
Cothortin Rosmertai, Lord of Works, ex officio Council member.
Esmunin Sironai, chief astrologer.
Eucherius, Christian minister.
Hannon Baltisi, Lir Captain.
Iram Eluini, Lord of Gold, ex officio Council member.
Maeloch, fisher captain, Ferrier of the Dead.
Soren Cartagi, Speaker for Taranis, Timbermen delegate to the Council.
Taenus Himilco, a landholder.
Zeugit, landlord of the Green Whale.

Ysan names are distinctive. Ys was a Carthaginian colony and "Himilco" is a Carthaginian name.

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