Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Origins III

In Poul Anderson's The Golden Slave (New York, 1980), Eodan asks the educated Greek slave, Phyrne, to teach him writing:

" 'Not that we would have much use for it in the North...and yet, who knows?' " (p. 204)

Here then is the origin of Norse runes.

Tjorr, rubbing his hammer, remarks, " 'There's luck in this old maul...Maybe even something of the lightning.'" (p. 213) He worships a thunder-snake. In mythology, Thor will control thunder and lightning and fight a serpent.

Mithras will lead the warriors who have been his guests in heaven to resist the final onslaught by the forces of evil.

"Eodan thought sometimes that the North might welcome such a god..." (p. 214)

Here are the origins of the Valkyries, Valhalla and Ragnarok.

Mithras was born of a virgin through the grace of the Most High "...that his followers might live in heaven after death..." (p. 214). Men feast and give presents on his midwinter birthday and the Cross of Light stands on his banners. Here are some of the origins of Christianity.

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