Thursday, 15 November 2012

Times Change

The Ysans had known that their Age of Brennilis was ending and that Dahut would initiate a new Age. They just did not know what form the new Age would take: an Age of Ys as legend.

We now live in times of change as they did at the end of the Roman Empire. Enlargement and beautification of a place of worship over generations:

"...had been an idea strange to Gratillonius; but the world was moving into a different age." (Poul and Karen Anderson, The Dog And The Wolf (London, 1989), p. 359)

When Drusus says that the local defence force will never be a legion, Gratillonius replies:

" 'No...The time for that is past. We don't live in the same world any more.' " (p. 421)

- but he has the determination and foresight to lead his people into a new age and a different world.

He tells the procurator, " 'Times change, sir.' " (p. 425)

- to which the disgruntled procurator replies, " 'You're right, times do change.' " (p. 425)

Later, that same procurator says hopefully, " 'A new Constantinus, come from Britannia...A new age?' " (p. 428)

It is a new age but not one that he likes. This usurper called Constantine pulls the Romans out of Britain and Gratillonius, now popularly appointed Duke, expels them from Armorica.

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