Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What Else?

What else can I write about Lucas Greco, hero of Poul Anderson's Rogue Sword (New York, 1960)?

(i) He is nicknamed, or surnamed, "the Greek."
(ii) He has a knack for learning languages quickly so he is able to work as an interpreter.
(iii) He is a poet and we read one of his compositions (in other words, Anderson again writes verse as well as prose).
(iv) Combining linguistic and poetic skills, he has rendered the poem that we read in eight languages.
(v) In those days, poems praising beauty had practical seductive uses.
(vi) Although, as noted earlier, he is of indeterminate social status, he fights and wins so the author, at the end, bestows nobility upon him:

"He took her arm and they walked down toward their ship, the victorious knight and his lady." (p. 283) 

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