Wednesday, 29 May 2013

From The Babur War To The Terran War

What a long way we have come in The Technic Civilization Saga, Volume III, Rise Of The Terran Empire:

(i) civil war in the Polesotechnic League for the industrial wealth of the planet Mirkheim;
(ii) colonization of the Hesperian Islands on Avalon;
(iii) colonization of the Coronan continent on Avalon;
(iv) the Troubles;
(v) Imperial annexation of Ansa and exploration of the Black Nebula;
(vi) war between the Terran Empire and the Domain of Ythri, with the Empire defeated on Avalon.

(i) and (ii) occur in the lifetime of David Falkayn whereas (vi) is set three and a half centuries later and is our last contact with a character surnamed Falkayn.

This is the pivotal volume of the History beginning with van Rijn and Falkayn aged but still active and ending not indeed with Dominic Flandry born but definitely with the Empire that he will defend having grown to its full 400 light year diameter.

Meanwhile, in (vi) The People Of The Wind, what exactly is Chris/Arinnian's problem when he is speaking to Tabitha/Hrill? This requires further thought.

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