Thursday, 30 May 2013

Yet More On The People Of The Wind

I am posting while rereading. Thus, new points keep coming up.

(i) We learn another Nuevo Mexican place name: the Admiral had hunted in the Sierra de los Bosques Secos.

(ii) We learn more about the wreck of the Avalonian flagship, Hell Rock: when the Terrans invade, "...the robots within knew their foe and opened fire." (Rise Of The Terran Empire, New York, 2011, p. 625). But this "...poor old hulk..." is too far away and has too little ammunition or range to be worth the trouble of demolition.

(iii) Tabitha Falkayn describes the behaviour of "birds," human choth members: "'...promiscuous as kakkelaks...'" (p. 509) Later, she warns a Terran prisoner of war about some Avalonian ecological dangers: "'...if a kakkelak swarm started running up your trousers...'" (p. 570) Later again, we see kakkelaks in action against Terran invaders:

"Energy weapons incinerated at a flash hundreds of the cockroach-like things, twenty centimeters long, whose throngs blackened the ground between shrubs. They could not save the men whom these bugs had already reached and were feasting on...Having evidently gotten wind of meat in this hungry land, the kakkelaks swarmed toward the main base." (p. 637)

Good descriptions. My problem is I doubt whether any extra-solar planets will be even that hospitable!

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