Saturday, 15 June 2013

Continuity In The Flandry Series

The opening trilogy of novels, written later, is carefully constructed so that it is fully consistent both internally and in relation to the remainder of the Flandry series.

In "Tiger by The Tail," (January, 1951) Captain Dominic Flandry sabotages the barbarian Scothani empire.

In "Honorable Enemies," (May, 1951) Captain Flandry, described as "'...the single-handed conqueror of Schothania...,'" learns how to lie to the telepath, Aycharaych. (Poul Anderson, Agent Of The Terran Empire, London, 1977, p. 62)

In "The Warriors from Nowhere," (1954) Captain Flandry, who has a superior called Admiral Fenross, a Shalmuan servant called Chives and a private spaceship not yet called the Hooligan, prevents the secession of the Taurian Sector from the Terran Empire.

In "The Game of Glory," (1958) Captain Sir Dominic Flandry learns how to lie to a telepath (details in "Honorable Enemies") and travels alone in "...a high-speed flitter..." to the planet Nyanza, where he prevents a rebellion. (Flandry Of Terra, London, 1976, p. 13)

In "Hunters of the Sky Cave" (1959): Flandry has come Home from Nyanza; Aycharaych congratulates him on l'affaire Nyanza; Flandry's superior is Vice Admiral Fenross; Flandry still has Chives and a private spaceship, now called the Hooligan.

In "A Message in Secret,"(1959/1961) Flandry has no private spaceship and must travel as a passenger.

"The Plague of Masters" (1961) is a direct sequel to and fully consistent with "A Message in Secret."

In A Knight Of Ghosts And Shadows, (1975) Flandry again has Chives and the Hooligan, works to prevent rebellion in the Taurian Sector and opposes Aycharaych - for the final time.

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