Saturday, 29 June 2013

The New Team

It should not surprise us to learn, in Poul Anderson's The Game Of Empire, that Diana, daughter of Dominic Flandry, and Targovi, son of Dragoika, are close friends because:

"[Diana] had passed her life among Tigeries and Seafolk." (Flandry's Legacy, New York, 2012, p. 214)

She has also become guide to the Wodenite Axor. The latter's search for Foredweller ruins will provide a good cover for Targovi's spying on Daedalus. Thus, Anderson assembles a new crew of one female human being, one male Jerusalem Catholic Wodenite and one male Tigery, quite similar to the earlier trader team of one male human being, one male Mahayana Buddhist Wodenite and one female Cynthian.

Because of their different purposes in life, it would have been tricky to hold this new team together for any sequels, even if Diana does go on to join Targovi in Imperial Intelligence, but Anderson would have found a way if it had suited his story purposes. In fact, something must have happened to these three beings after they had helped to defeat the Magnusson rebellion. It is just that we do not know what...

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