Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Twenty Fifth To The Thirtieth Centuries

By contrast with earlier centuries, the twenty fifth is crowded with sixteen works of different lengths from "Margin of Profit," which introduces Nicholas van Rijn, to Mirkheim, which is the sunset for van Rijn and his companions. This century ends with van Rijn's protege, David Falkayn, leading the colonization of Avalon, although there is no story about Falkayn himself on Avalon.

The twenty sixth century has one story about Falkayn's grandson on an Avalonian island and a second about other colonists on an Avalonian continent. Miesel's Chronology informs us that Nyanza is colonized and the Polesotechnic League dissolved in this century.

The twenty seventh century is the Time of Troubles and the end of the Commonwealth. In the single story set in this century, "The Star Plunderer," Manuel Argos leads a slave revolt and announces that he will found the Terran Empire. That Empire annexes Ansa in the twenty eighth century but fails to annex Avalon in the twenty ninth century and agrees the Covenant of Alfzar with Merseia in the thirtieth century.

So far we have seen:

21st C one story;
22nd C one story;
23rd C no stories;
24th C one story;
25th C thirteen short stories and three novels;
26th C two stories;
27th C one story;
28th C one story;
29th C one novel;
30th C no stories.

However, some inconsistencies in Sandra Miesel's Chronology might affect the information presented here.

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