Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Welcome, New Readers

OK, folks. Page views on this blog so far today are 214. The figure has never been over 200 before. I used to think that 50+ was good for a day. Anyone who is new to the blog, please comment. Tell us what you think about Poul Anderson's:

pulp sf;
later sf;
original contributions to time travel fiction;
speculative fiction;
future histories;
historical fiction;
historical fantasy;
heroic fantasy;
retellings of Norse myths;
detective fiction;
contributions to other writers' sf series;
influence on other writers;
contributions to Wellsian and Heinleinian sf;
relationships to William Shakespeare and Rudyard Kipling;
any aspects of his life and work that I am unaware of or have not mentioned.

Also, please disagree with everything that I have written so far - except that Poul Anderson is worth reading.

27 June 2013: Yesterday ended with 226 page views and today already has 55 at 6.43 AM. (My "day" starts at 01:00.)

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

Your blog had 226 visitors on June 27? Good! Let me join you in urging readers to desposit their own thoughts and views here. They don't HAVE to be already familiar with the works of Poul Anderson.