Sunday, 28 July 2013

Ultrawaves And Telepathy

In Poul Anderson's "Earthman, Beware!" (IN Anderson, Alight In The Void, New York, 1993, pp. 29-60):

neuronic activity generates short-range brain pulses that are measurable by encephalographs but not directly related to telepathy;
telepathy, part of the ultrawave spectrum, crosses space without time lag;
spatio-temporal geometry generates gravity from matter and ultrawaves from vibrating energy;
however, an ultrawave is generated only when there is both a transmitter and a receiver;
an ultrawave's frequency is that of its generating fields but infinite velocity would generate an infinite wavelength so the wavelength should be conceived in terms of tensors;
ultra-energies are omnipresent in the cosmic structure;
the telepathy center of a super-human brain can impose vibrations on it;
other centers control ultra-energy to create, destroy or move matter, cross space, scan the past or scan future possibilities;
when the stranded alien, Joel, telepathically contacts his people, several of them immediately come physically to Earth across what might be millions of light years, from another galaxy.

When discussing Anderson's Brain Wave in an earlier post, I commented that sf can show our place in the galaxy without necessarily having human beings travel physically into the galaxy. Here is another example of that.

Maybe the ultra-energy is what the Black Nebulans and the Chereionites access in Anderson's Technic Civilization History.

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