Monday, 12 August 2013

All One Universe

All One Universe is a Poul Anderson collection that alternates between fiction and non-fiction, short stories and articles or essays. Further, there is an author's Introduction both to the volume as a whole and to each individual item so there is quite a lot of Poul Anderson's thought for the reader to contemplate. The non-fiction includes appreciations of the works of two other authors.

This collection is next on my list to be reread so I will comment further shortly, as soon as I can access my copy. Meanwhile, however, I think that I have already posted about most of the short stories:

"The Forest" (prehistorical fiction);
"In Memoriam" (a dystopian future history outline);
"The House of Sorrows" (an alternative timeline);
"Loser's Night" (multiple timelines);
"The Voortrekkers" (a precursor to Harvest Of Stars; in another collection that I reread recently).

As always, a short list and summary of a few of Anderson's works displays something of the range of his subject matters.

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