Saturday, 10 August 2013

Six More Volumes

I have been made aware of six volumes by Poul Anderson that I have not yet read:

The Trygve Yamamura Mysteries
Perish By The Sword
Murder In Black Letter
Murder Bound

Thermonuclear Warfare
Is There Life On Other Worlds?
The Infinite Voyage

Of the non-fiction titles, two are self-explanatory and address important issues whereas the third is mysterious and intriguing. Apparently, it is a children's introduction to astronomy, also an important topic.

I had known that there were three mystery novels but not that they shared a single central character, still less that that character also appears in a short story, "Dead Phone," (see here) that I had read once years ago, now remembering only that it was a mystery. I will reread it next before returning to For Love And Glory.

Sheila and I spent a weekend in Hay-on-Wye "book town" - a small town that, having lost whatever industry it originally had, has opted to attract tourists by converting many otherwise empty buildings, including even a defunct cinema, into second hand bookshops and also holds an annual literary festival with big name speakers. I rifled science fiction sections of bookshops but was disappointed to find, for the most part, only multiple copies of familiar items.

One bookshop specialized in mysteries but I either did not know of, or did not think to look for, Anderson's mysteries. However, I will now have to track down these books in order to read and blog about them, the moral of the story being that Poul Anderson Appreciation blogging still has a long future ahead of it. 


  1. Hi, Paul!

    AND there are whole volumes worth of short stories by Poul Anderson which has never yet been collected and republished. SF, fantasy, and mysteries. The recent volumes by NESFA Press reprinting many of Andderson's stories has focused largely on his better known shorter works. Would be nice if NESFA Press offered even just one volume collecting ONLY stories which was never yet collected and republished in later years.

    Even better, we need a COMPLETE COLLECTED WORKS OF POUL ANDERSON, collecting everything he wrote. It can be done after all, as witness both the Vance Integral Edition and the Virginia Edition collecting the complete works of Jack Vance and Robert Heinlein.


  2. Hi, Paul!

    The next time you visit Haye-on-Wye, I would like to suggest looking up the works of Cordwainer Smith, Avram Davidson, or Sterling E. Lanier. Their books might not be to your taste, I know, so this is only a suggestion on my part.