Tuesday, 17 September 2013

A And A

Isaac Asimov, Foundation: psychohistory.
Poul Anderson, The Long Way Home: the paramethematical theory of man.

Two mathematically based, predictive, practical sciences of society but how different!

When discussing the Foundation series, I merely commented on inconsistencies between Asimov's texts whereas, when discussing Anderson's novel, I found it necessary to summarize an understanding of economics, then Anderson's account of "Technate" civilization, then to compare them. Thus, the Anderson novel, despite its fantastic setting - galactic, like Asimov's - addresses current society, economic slumps and whether they can be prevented, whereas Asimov's series, I think, is divorced from reality.

Yet again, I find it possible to highlight what Anderson does well by contrasting him with Asimov.

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