Monday, 30 September 2013

The Remaining Challenges

Nordberg, eating nuts: eliminates Rance, who is allergic to nuts;
Nordberg (second challenge), Maths: eliminates Shaddock.

Remaining contestants: Nordberg and Petrie, who must still make a challenge.

Remaining problems:
Flagler, who shot Cruz for Nordberg;
Thayer, who is an accessory to murder.

Possible outcomes:
Flagler kills Petrie and her partner, Rance;
Flagler and Thayer blackmail Nordberg;
He pays someone else to kill them.

Haverner and Samael seem pleased that the contestants are degenerating into violence. Has the purpose been to use greed and conflict to strip away civilization and reveal barbarism?

Still 45 pages to read but it is time to turn in.

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