Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Is There Life On Other Worlds?

I have acquired Poul Anderson's Is There Life On Other Worlds? (New York., 1963), the edition shown in the image. 1963 was also the year of Anderson's Thermonuclear Warfare, which I discussed recently. Thus, here is a second volume of non-fiction from the same period and relevant to even more of Anderson's fiction.

I will read and comment on this second work, starting with a statement on the first page of Isaac Asimov's Introduction. This process will take some time and will be interspersed with other activities. The cover informs us that the book " startling conclusions..." so let us be prepared to be startled. I welcome comments from blog readers whose knowledge of this subject is more recent than 1963. A great deal has been learned about other planetary systems in the last fifty years.

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