Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Everard And Wanda, 1984alpha-1990

On 25 March 1984alpha, Wanda rescues Keith Denison in Paris.

in 1986, Everard is with Janne Floris in Amsterdam.

On 30 October 1986, Everard interviews Wanda Tamberly about her missing uncle.

In spring 1987, Guion visits Everard in his New York apartment.

In 1987, Shalten briefs Everard about tracking the Exaltationists.

On Thursday 10 April 1987, Everard and Wanda plan to see The Phantom Of The Opera in New York.

On 22 May 1987, Everard rescues Wanda from Castelar.

On 23 May 1987, Everard explains time travel to Wanda.

On 24 May 1987, Wanda puts Everard on the track of Castelar.

On 25 May 1987, Everard takes Wanda to dinner and invites her to join the Time Patrol.

On 10 September 1987, Luis Castelar kidnaps Wanda in the Galapagos.

In January 1988, Everard and Wanda have a second dinner date.

In summer 1989alpha, Wanda, returning from 18,244 BC, arrives in the wrong timeline.

In 1989beta, Everard, Wanda and Karel Novak explore a second divergent timeline.

In early January 1990, having ended the alpha and beta timelines, Everard and Wanda begin a holiday.

In February 1990, Wanda consults Everard about Beringia and they go out to dinner.

On 8 March 1990, Everard and Wanda's holiday is interrupted when he goes on a new mission.

In 1990, when bees hum in a garden, they confer about the aftermath of Beringia but she is too tired to go out for dinner.

In 1990, Guion visits Everard after the conclusion of the Beringia affair.

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