Saturday, 15 March 2014


Poul Anderson, The Corridors Of Time (London, 1968).

Poul Anderson invents some names for his story. The Indo-European "Yuthoaz" conquer the "Tenil Orugaray" of "Avildaro." I usually think of Indo-European as a language and of its speakers as Aryans.

Lockridge learns one limit of the diaglossa. His social habits make him thank Auri of the Tenil Orugaray for picnicking with him whereas the diaglossa reminds him too late that her people express "...thanks only for very great favors. Everyday helpfulness was taken for granted." (p. 52)

When the time travelers, Storm and Lockridge, use weapons from the twentieth and fortieth centuries to defend the Tenil Orugary, they do not risk changing history as Carl Farness possibly does when he defends his Goths from Vandals in Time Patrol.

Storm tells Lockridge that her enemies, the Rangers, initiated the Indo-European invasions of India, Turkey and Europe. The worship of a Sky Father by technologically innovative male warriors subordinating women and children paves the way for Christianity, centralized monarchy, machine culture, the rational state and the fortieth century Ranger regime! That is quite a long chain of historical circular causality.


ndrosen said...

It seems that the descendants of the Yuthoaz may be known as the Jutes.

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Paul Shackley said...

Yes. Anderson is amazing.