Tuesday, 18 March 2014


Jules Verne wrote fifty four Extraordinary Voyages. Reflecting on recent posts, I have noticed how many very different kinds of journeys Poul Anderson recounts:

the intergalactic and inter-cosmic space journey in Tau Zero;
Jack Havig's long return from the Pleistocene near the end of There Will Be Time;
Manson Everard's walk through medieval Sicily in The Shield Of Time;
an alternative first journey to the Moon, also a supernatural journey to Yggdrasil, in Operation Luna;
and, in The Corridors Of Time:

a car trip from Copenhagen to west Jutland in 1964 AD;
a walk through a Jutish forest in 1827 BC;
a time journey involving transfers between corridors;
another that is just in and out of opposite ends of a single gate;
by Warden spaceship between hemispheres, by gravity belt through an Atlantic storm, on foot and by belt through Niyorek to Brann's tower.

 And now someone will tell me what I have missed?

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