Saturday, 12 April 2014


Well, nothing has arrived from Amazon yet. Meanwhile:

we have discussed Hell;
I have ordered Niven and Pournelle's Escape From Hell at the public library and have briefly commented on this and two other Niven collaborations on the Science Fiction blog;
I have continued to reread Mike Carey's Lucifer and have summarized the history of comics selling in Lancaster on the Comics Appreciation blog;
I have attended Lune Pagans Moot and reported about this on facebook;
Sheila and I have walked along the River Lune to the village of Halton and back;
with others, I have leafletted Lancaster City Center against the British National Party;
I have walked to the Sports Center to use its swimming pool;
I have driven to the village of Bentham for a regular social gathering at the Punch Bowl Inn.

I think it is appropriate to mention some life as well as all the fiction! - but I look forward to reading more works by Anderson and Niven when they arrive.


  1. Hi, Paul!

    I hope you enjoy Niven/Pournelle's ESCAPE FROM HELL. And were the other collaborations also written by them?

    Am I right thinking the Bristh National Party is where you find most neo Nazis in the UK? And were there BNP guys also passing out rival leaflets? Considering my disgust for the National Socialists, I hope very few were accepting these tracts!


  2. Sean,
    Yes, neo Nazis. Hence, our united campaign against them. They were not there on that occasion. When their street-fighting wing, the English Defence League, marches, we counter-demonstrate and the police in large numbers get between us and them so there is no danger of violence between us and EDL so the EDL, many drunk, get frustrated, fight each other and are arrested in large numbers! When we, and therefore the police, are not there, the EDL attack Asians and their property.
    What a period we live in!

  3. Sean,
    The other collaborations are Niven-Lerner and Niven-Benford!

    1. Hi, Paul!

      Seems to me the BNP is not very competent at practical politics! If they want to really PERSUADE people, they should eschew "street fighting wings" and hood lummish behavior, that only alarms and alienates law abiding people.

      And the respectable parties would do well to pay more attention to the fears and anxieties driving many BNB supporters and demands. Some of them, after all, are likely to be legitimate. Doing so will also reduce support for the BNP and its more vicious ideas.

      Were I British, I think I would support UKIP, one of the two respectable parties on the right.