Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Falkayns

David Falkayn, younger son of a baronial house on Hermes, became a protege of Nicholas van Rijn.

Van Rijn's granddaughter, Coya Conyon, admired Falkayn because of his involvement in the Satan episode.

David and Coya married between "Lodestar" and Mirkheim.

Their son, Nicholas Falkayn, was born on Earth near the end of Mirkheim.

Nicholas Falkayn advised his son, Nat, on Avalon in "Wingless."

Their descendant, Tabitha Falkayn, lived on Avalon three centuries later in The People Of The Wind.

Unfortunately, that is all that we learn about the Falkayn lineage. However, the Avalonian colony founded by David plays a role centuries later during Dominic Flandry's lifetime.   

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