Wednesday, 28 May 2014

This Week And Next

The lap top with the battery removed is working ok so I am delaying buying a new one.

I will be in Scotland Monday to Friday next week and will probably take not Anderson and the lap top but Latin and Greek in the hope of catching up with them.

Currently lacking new Anderson or Anderson-related material to read, I am enjoying re-rereading the Technic History and finding new facets to highlight but presumably this cannot continue literally forever.

I find the Technic History a good imaginary universe to inhabit, far more so than, for example, the higher profile Middle Earth or Star Trek Universe.

I have just wasted an evening on the latest X-Men film, involving time travel, and wished I hadn't. Read the Time Patrol and be critical even of that.


  1. Hi, Paul!

    I agree with you in saying I could easily imagine myself living in the Technic History timeline. And I would include Tolkien's Middle Earthy mythos as well. While very different writers, both Tolkien and Anderson were similiar in the richness and depth imparted by them to their "alternate worlds." So much so I could imagine myself living in Third Age Gondor amost as easily as I could imagine myself living in the Terran Empire of Dominic Flandry's time.


    1. Hi, Paul!

      I should have added that another difference between Anderson and Tolkien was how much more PROLIFIC the former was. Anderson gave us so much MORE for fans to imaginatively place themselves into or merely to speculate about. Great writer tho he was, Tolkien, alas, was slow and dilatory (something his friend C.S. Lewis commented on with affectionate exasperation). Hence, PA gave us several "worlds" in which fans can imaginatively place themselves: the Technic History, Time Patrol, the Harvest of Stars books, the Psychotechnic Institute, even the Interbeing League of the Hoka stories, etc.