Monday, 30 June 2014

Gorzun And Esperance

Previously, I discussed Gorzuni in the periods of Nicholas van Rijn, Manuel Argos and Dominic Flandry. At least one more Gorzun is mentioned in the period of the Terran War on Avalon, which is intermediate between the periods of Argos and Flandry. The governor and the admiral's daughter:

"...paced along graveled paths and talked. They were guarded, which is to say discretely chaperoned. However, no duenna followed several paces behind, but a huge four-armed Gorzunian mercenary on whom the nuances of a flirtation would be lost."
-Poul Anderson, Rise Of The Terran Empire (New York 2011), pp. 471-472.

The governor soon learns that a flirtation is out of the question as Luisa quizzes him about why he wants war with Ythri. They are on Esperance, "...a prize among colony planets..." (p. 471), where transplanted rosebushes and cherry trees grow as if on Earth. We read of Esperance once before, in "Territory." Nicholas van Rijn was on T'Kela to make a profit whereas Joyce Davisson was there as part of a mission implementing the Esperancian foreign policy of helping other races in order to gain their goodwill and thus build strength without having to maintain armed services. She is part of an Esperancian organization called the Commonalty - which just happens to have the same names as a much later interstellar service organization.

This history explains why there are anti-war demonstrations in the Esperancian capital city, Fleurville, as the Terran Fleet gathers nearby to attack the Domain of Ythri.

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