Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reviewing The Time Patrol

I have just reread the posts for this month about the Time Patrol and, thank the gods, they make sense. I would welcome discussion from two groups of people: sf fans who share my fascination with time travel and any authors who might find this sort of analysis helpful before planning new works.

Time travel need not be combined with history. The Time Traveler went to 802,701 AD and beyond. Heinlein's time travelers also went futurewards. However, Poul Anderson expertly combined time travel with history.

We are surrounded by history. I live in "the historic city of Lancaster," which was a Roman base and, later, contended for the Crown. We have just visited tri-lingual Belgium ruled in the past by diverse European powers, then ruling in Africa, now the setting for a European Parliament, with large immigrant and Muslim populations.

If Poul Anderson were to visit Lancaster, Brussels etc, then entire new Time Patrol series and historical time travel novels would be generated.

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