Friday, 4 July 2014

The Exploration Of Gray III

The second tragedy hits the stranded explorers. See previous post. When Enherrian leads the sky dance in honor of Arrach, he swoops low and a surgeon tree cuts off his left wing. An Ythrian who cannot fly does not live long. Enherrian can flap his right wing and left stump to oxygenate his blood stream but cannot use the extra energy.

What are the options?

(i) Human medical technology can regrow severed limbs but only for human beings.
(ii) A proper prosthesis will not be engineered in Enherrian's lifetime.
(iv) Ythrians scorn grav belts.
(v) Pete asks Whell whether the New Faith allows suicide but the suggestion is shocking. Enherrian has deathpride and would never rob God of honor.

Pete will not fully understand his Ythrian friends' attitude to death until his own wife, Olga, dies.

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