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A Time Patrolman's Dynasty

Carl's leman, Jorith, died bearing their son, Dagobert.

Dagobert's and Waluburg's oldest son was Tharasmund.

Tharasmund's and Ulrica's sons were Hathawulf and Solbern and their daughter was Swanhild.

Tharasmund's and his leman Erelieva's son was Alawin.

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Carl = Odin.
Hathawulf = Hamther.
Solbern = Sorli.
Swanhild = Svanhild.
Alawin = Erp.
Ermanaric = Jormunrek.

In Alawin's case, his mother's name, Erelieva, was elided as Erp and misapplied to him. Despite Ulrica's hostility, Hathawulf and Solbern did not reject or kill Alawin but Carl forebade him to accompany his half-brothers against Ermanaric. Alawin's task is to lead the family to safety while the wounded Ermanaric declines and kills himself.

When Hathawulf is born, Carl accepts that this is Hamther and that Tharasmund's next son, to be called Solbern, will be Sorli. It does not surprise Carl that his great-grandsons are characters in the story that he is researching.

Some passages perfectly combine mythological thinking with historical information:

"Dagobert stayed unrestful...folk said that was the blood of his father in him, and that he heard the wind at the edge of the world forever calling. When he came back from his trip south, he brought news that a Roman lord hight Constantine had finally put down his rivals and become master of the whole Empire." (Time Patrol, pp. 382-383)

We know of Constantine.

"'...against time the gods themselves are powerless. I did what I was doomed to do.'" (p. 457)

Carl's hearers cannot possibly know what he means by "time." I have quoted two powerful phrases about time, gods and doom but this paragraph needs to be read in full.

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