Thursday, 14 August 2014

Everard Off-Stage

Everard's Exploits Between Stories

(i) He accompanied Keith Denison, Specialist, East Indo-European Protohistory, when the latter studied, and joined, a prehistoric trek from the Don across the Hindu Kush.

(ii) He accompanied Bjarni Herjulfsson to North America and received a polar bear rug from him.

(iii) He has worked with Piet Van Sarawak at least once.

(iv) On a mission in Scandinavia, near the end of the Viking period, he heard a tale of Sigurd.

(v) He has been in the London of Elizabeth I.

(vi) Between Wanda's graduation from the Academy and a meeting with her in 1990, he had two missions. Instead of returning to his apartment in 1988 after the missions, he sublet it to an agent who needed such a temporary base.

(vii) After a meeting with Guion in 1990, he will help the Time Patrol military studies group in 1912 to throw Sherlock Holmes off their scent.

(I think that the Patrol can consult Holmes after his retirement when his deeds are no longer recorded by Watson. He could help them with a case concerning that earlier Moriarty, Jonathan Wild.)


  1. Hi, Paul!

    Or possibly RECRUIT Sherlock Holmes into the Time Parol. An amusing idea!