Tuesday, 12 August 2014

"Formed Out Of Nothing For No Reason"

A mutable timeline contains material objects that did not originate within it, including, if we remember the second Time Patrol story in order of publication, a living human body.

Guion says that the source of some disturbances "'...does not exist in our yet, our reality.'" (The Shield Of Time, p. 135)

Janne Floris says that the single copy of Tacitus Two is:

"'An object uncaused, formed out of nothing for no reason. What a terrifying universe. It was easier being ignorant of variable reality.'" (Time Patrol, p. 631)

And Guion's conversation had begun to scare Wanda Tamberly.

Manson Everard feared that he might be an uncaused object:

"There are quirks and discontinuities in space-time...things and events appear causelessly, meaningless flutters soon lost and forgotten. Such as Manse Everard, marooned in the past with a dead John Sandoval, after coming from a future that never existed as the agent of a Time Patrol that never was." (TP, p. 161)

Normally, I would tell Janne that the Tacitus Two text was "uncaused" in the current timeline but had been caused in a previous, "deleted" timeline. However, the status of the Tacitus Two timeline is highly ambiguous. But, in any case, surely the entire universe is "...formed out of nothing for no reason"? In the words of an old sf novel, we are "Children of the Void."

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