Saturday, 9 August 2014

Tacitus Two History

The Tacitus Two text:

the prophetess Veleda preached against peace;
Civilis did not yield to the Romans;
the war lasted another year;
the tribes were subjugated;
Civilis killed himself;
Veleda and many followers escaped into free Germany;
the religion of the wild Germans changed - Nerthus, instead of being replaced by the Aesir, became goddess of death, wisdom and war;
for decades, Germany developed independently, unknown to the Romans and unobserved by the Patrol.

Patrol supposition:

the goddess becomes supreme;
she gives people spiritually almost as much as Christ;
few join the Church;
the Nerthus faith becomes the core of a Germanic civilization, trading with southern Europe.

It sounds OK to me but it is another history, of course.

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