Sunday, 31 August 2014

The End Of August II

Regular readers might have noticed that I had intended to end August with 150 posts but have instead continued until 155 but "This must cease," as Conan Doyle wrote of Sherlock Holmes. Much recovered from a cold, I have driven my daughter and granddaughter to an afternoon tea party, have eaten three scrambled eggs and baked beans on toast and have found more to post about while continuing to recuperate. I will meditate this afternoon and eat out this evening.

I find that posting about other writers is a good way to get back into posting about Poul Anderson. I should soon receive Eternity by Greg Bear and will, although not immediately, check out SM Stirling, having already read his Time Patrol story.

The attached image, taken from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, shows the Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus, hiding from the Olympians by disguising himself as a beggar in a story called "August." The Sandman also contains episodes named after the French Revolutionary month, Thermidor, and the Muslim month, Ramadan. The Sandman, like Anderson's works, spans history.

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