Friday, 22 August 2014

The Future History Of Eon II

Greg Bear, Eon (London, 2002).

1950-2000. "Retreatists," in groups of fifty or less, took stores of food and weapons into isolated areas in order to survive the expected destruction of civilization. 

1993. The Little Death, a limited nuclear war, four million dead, mostly in Western Europe. Space-based defense systems effective but near-shore submarine launches destroyed Atlanta, Brighton and part of Brittany. Russia lost Kiev.

2005. The Death, an all-out nuclear war, two and a half billion or more dead. Many bodies vaporized or rotted before the count. Eastern and Western navies destroyed each other in half an hour or less in the Gulf, the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

From 2005. The post-Death "Long Winter" did not completely destroy civilization. Within a year, cooperative societies emerged, emphasizing mutual help, except towards the vicious retreatist enclaves.

By 2010. Most retreatists killed or captured, unfortunately including mere "survivalists." Retreatists tried for crimes against humanity.

After 2010. Purges of all who advocated the right to bear weapons and sometimes of all who favored high technology.

2015. Trial of Eastern and Western politicians and generals for crimes against humanity.

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