Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Short Break II

Hi. I am back, using a borrowed, second hand lap top. There is more to post about the colony on Freehold (in Poul Anderson's "Outpost of Empire"). Then, more about earlier sections of the Technic History. Then I still have to track down the NESFA Collections from Vol 2 up. After that, who knows? I keep thinking that I must have come to the end of Poul Anderson Appreciation but so far not.

On Tuesday, most of us here are going away for a week but we take our lap tops with us.


  1. Hi, Paul!

    Welcome back! And I hope you are soon able to buy a good, NEW laptop!

    And there is certainly lots more to say about Poul Anderson and his works! Simply recall my piece commenting on and listing many of his "lost", uncollected works. To say nothing of additional commentary on his more easily obtained stories.

    Btw, I discovered that PA's son in law, Greg Bear, apparently suffered a major heart attack. His blog has a note announcing he had open heart surgery on September 23 but is expected to make a full recovery. I left a note expressing my good wishes at his blog.


  2. Sean,
    Would you be able to give us the address of that blog here?

    1. Hi, Paul!

      I sent you the link to Greg Bear's blog: Greg Bear: The Official Site. I hope that helps!