Monday, 17 November 2014

AA Craig

In our timeline, AA Craig was a pen-name for Poul Anderson. In the Technic History timeline, AA Craig:

"...was a Terran who traveled widely, gathering material for his historical narratives, during a pause in the Troubles, several lifetimes after the World-Taking."
-Poul Anderson, The Earth Book Of Stormgate (New York, 1979), p. 421.

Where Ythrians say, "...the World-Taking...," Terrans would say "...the colonization of Avalon."

Jack Birnam, when twenty four Avalonian years old, seventeen Terran, rescued and befriended the Wyvan of Stormgate. When aged, he recounted this story to Craig, who was then visiting Avalon. Craig later wrote a fictionalized account in his Tales of the Great Frontier. This story, "Rescue on Avalon," and another from the Tales, about Nicholas van Rijn, were included in The Earth Book Of Stormgate.

Of the twelve works collected in the Earth Book:

Craig wrote two;
Judith Dalmady/Lundgren wrote three;
James Ching wrote one;
Peter Berg's colleague on Lucifer wrote one;
Christopher Holm/Arinnian of Stormgate wrote one;
Arinnian and Hloch together wrote two;
Maeve Downey, planetologist on Gray's Grand Survey ship, the Olga, wrote one;
one is of uncertain authorship.


  1. Hi, Paul!

    It amuses me to think of how Poul Anderson played a little joke using his occasional pseudonym of "AA Craig" to personally insert HIMSELF into his Technic History timeline centuries from now. And TALES OF THE GREAT FRONTIER was set duing a pause in the Time of Troubles several lifetimes after Avalon was founded? I would then date TALES to about AD 2650, using my suggested revision of Sandra Miesel's Chronology.


  2. Hi,
    I must study some Latin today. Might blog less.

    1. Hi, Paul!

      No problem! I knoiw you have become fascinated by Latin. Have fun!