Monday, 10 November 2014

All The Traps Of Avalon

Chapter Seventeen
On the Scorpelunan plateau in Equatoria, hexapods graze under their parasol membranes. Packs of dog-sized hexapodal lycosauroids and throngs of twenty centimetre long cockroach-like kakkelaks attack Terran invaders who are being slowly poisoned by hell shrubs. Furious tropical storms caused by high irradiation and fast spin delay evacuation.
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Trap One
The artificial planetoid, Hell Rock, destroys so many small spacecraft that the Terran Admiral sends five capital ships with their attendants against it. When the five are close enough, they, and many other Terran ships, are destroyed by an unexpected and massive missile barrage from hidden installations on the planet.

Trap Two
Avalonian disinformation convinces the Terrans that the uninhabited continent, Equatoria, is undefended and that they will be able to establish an unassailable beachhead there. The result is as in the passage copied above. The evacuation is hindered by winged Ythrian guerrillas and also by human Avalonians entering Equatoria bringing short-range missiles and massive energy projectors, the latter to be assembled on peaks overlooking the Terran-occupied plateau. The Terran fleet, now trying to destroy all the remaining orbital forts in order to enable their transports to move continuously, cannot afford to expend missiles against the Avalonian spacecraft that now return from the outer Lauran system to attack Terran warcraft escorting improvised hospital ships. The First Marchwarden broadcasts that Avalon will admit Terrans to prepared hospitals when the ceasefire is restored and the fleet withdraws.

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