Thursday, 27 November 2014

Another Note On Other Reading

I read one China Mieville fantasy novel a while back and have just been given two more. In Iron Council (see here), according to the blurb, "...a mysterious masked figure spurs strange rebellion..." This sounds familiar to fans of Alan Moore, whose "Codename V" now inspires British demonstrators. If I continue to post about Mieville's novels, it will be on one of the other blogs.

A pause in rereading Poul Anderson's works seems advisable although I will meanwhile continue to reread at least one short story, "The Game of Glory," in order to relate it chronologically to Edwin Cairncross' Naval career. See recent posts here and here.

I did not realize until it happened that rereading a passage about Flandry in Archopolis would lead to a reexamination of the Chronology of Technic Civilization with reference to events on Nyanza or that this in turn would recall how imaginatively rich a fictitious world Nyanza is. It remains possible to wander back and forth through the Technic History noticing new details and interconnections.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

For me, that "alternate reading" happens to be a rereading of S.M. Stirling's THE SKY PEOPLE, set on a HABITABLE Venus far different from the Venus we have now. I think you recall my comments about Stirling to the effect that in some ways he is a very Andersonian writer. Anyway, his works please me. And I've been pondering which of Anderson's stories I should reread after I finish the Stirling book.