Thursday, 20 November 2014

More Comedy With Adzel

When, in the second trader team story, Adzel addresses a meeting of Merseian Star Believers, he tries to remember political speeches from his student days on Earth - another inventive reference to that period.

He says, "'My friends,'" (David Falkayn: Star Trader, p. 237), is interrupted by a roar and takes advantage of the interruption to call Falkayn for advice, which is: be benevolent and noncommittal and don't call again. He raises his arms for silence but on Merseia that is an encouragement for more shouts. His tail knocks over a candelabrum, which is righted by the red-robed chief, Gryf, who then assures Adzel that two million Star Believers will come from across Merseia to hear him. Adzel shouts, "'No!'" (p. 238), and then tries to calm things down although he realizes that blood, sweat and tears will not be acceptable. He also realizes from Gryf's words that the trader team is expected to start a revolution which is neither their job nor even possible.

He is "saved" by the sound of Demonists, a "'lunatic sect...'" (p. 241), according to Gryf, outside. Gryf has organized defenders of the meeting, the troopers, i.e., armed police, start to call for back-up and Falkayn calls that Chee Lan has been kidnapped. Adzel leaves, taking part of the wall with him.

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