Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Terran Naval Commanders

Captain Manuel Argos, the Revenge.
Commander Helena Jansky, the Ganymede.
Admiral Juan Cajal, the super-dreadnought, Valendaray.
Captain Einarson, the Sabik.
Commander Dominic Flandry, the Asieneuve.
Captain Chang, the Isis.
Admiral Thomas Walton with a Captain Chang on an unnamed flagship.
Fleet Admiral Sir Thomas Walton on an unnamed dreadnought.
Gospodar Bodin Miyatovich, the Vatre Zvezda.

I found it interesting to compile this list of opposite numbers of Captain Kirk. The list starts with the Founder of the Terran Empire commanding a captured Gorzuni slaver. Flandry, still only a Commander, loses his first, and only, command. Argos, Jansky and Cajal are pre-Flandry.

As usual when I count items in Poul Anderson's Technic History, the list turns out to be longer than expected. Chang loses the Isis on Freehold and may or may not be the same Chang who is with Walton later.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

I think you made a slight mistake about Admiral Cajal and Gospodar Miyatovich. I don't think it's customary or desirable for FLEET commanders to directly command their flagships. Their proper job is to focus on the big picture, which would be difficult to do if they also had to oversee the day to day affairs of their flagships. Rather, these ships would have their own captains.

I would like to think the Captain Chang we see in "Outpost of Empire" was the same officer who later served under Admiral Walton. Because that means he was not blamed for losing control of the "Isis" to the Freehoders, and continued to be given responsible commands.


Paul Shackley said...

You are right about that. I was just concentrating more generally on: who is the most senior person on each of these vessels? In "Outpost of Empire," Chang is the captain, under Walton.