Friday, 14 November 2014

The Mid-21st Century

In about 2055, there is already longevity treatment.

Exploration of the Solar System precedes its industrial development which, in turn, might save Earth. A solar sail takes a colony of a thousand people to Mars orbit where they use the beneficiated minerals of Phobos, send some to Earth and study Mars in auxiliary craft. Other craft sail as far as Jupiter.

The Vladimir is lost en route to Mercury but there is a second attempt and a Britannic-American consortium launches the Chronos on its eight year journey to Saturn. Central Control makes television tapes accessible for only three hours in twenty four because the crew must not become passive. For emergency backup, each has secondary skills maintained by constant training. The crew is a community with families, teachers, entertainers, constables, medical staff, clergy etc. They improve the interior of the vessel and engage in various cultural and social activities. Some stay sane through psychodrama. Hence, the title of the earliest Technic History story, "The Saturn Game."

No one yet knows that, in the League period, Mars will be colonized by extra-solars or that, in the Imperial period, Jupiter will be sold to the Dispersal of Ymir.

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