Sunday, 25 January 2015

Gaia And God

"'I think, myself, [Gaia] is in the same position as the traditional God. Being good, she wants to share existence with others, and so creates them. But to make them puppets, automatons, would be senseless. They have to have consciousness and free will. Therefore, they are able to sin, and do, all too often.'"
-Poul Anderson, Genesis (New York, 2001), p. 193.

(Why not, in at least some created/emulated worlds, "Therefore, they are able to do good, and do, very often"?)

Gaia is not omnipotent. The difference between very great power and infinite power is qualitative. These issues have been discussed here, here and here. In haste, folks, but I hope that these links are worth reading.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

And, of course, no AI (assuming it's even possible to make or build one) can be God. As you said, very great power and knoweledge is simply NOT the same as the INFINITE knowledge and power of God. God is the infinitely transcendent Other, He exists outside time and matter, not being bound by them.