Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Death At Sea

Poul Anderson, The Boat Of A Million Years (London, 1991).

We think that Dominic Flandry of the Terran Space Navy is going to die in space near the end of A Stone In Heaven and that Hanno, the immortal Phoenician sailor, is going to die in a storm at sea on another planet near the end of A Boat Of A Million Years. However, we are surprised and relieved when both Flandry and Hanno are rescued.

 In Flandry's period, human beings have colonized many extrasolar planets whereas Hanno thinks:

"If the stars held no New America, they offered what was infinitely more." (p. 587)

- new experiences and knowledge.

"The universe held as many surprises as it did stars. No more. That was its glory. But someday one of them was bound to kill you." (p. 589)

Hanno hopes to live for another million years but knows that he will not live forever - and his death might wait in a sea on yet another planet.

Addendum: Should "No more" above read "No, more"? (There are some typos in my edition of Boat.)

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