Monday, 25 May 2015


It was feared that the interstellar drive might destroy the universe. Instead:

"'Every voyage brings the universe even further from the metastable state, toward true stability that can last forever.'"
-Anderson, Starfarers (New York, 1999), p. 404.

Forever? I thought that there was a heat death to come? (Of course, the heat dead universe might remain stable forever, in this sense.)

It is interesting to be told how this stabilization is effected:

"'...the energy transfer actually makes a bond, like the transfers of virtual particles that create the forces holding the atoms together.'" (ibid.)

Thus, these neither existent nor non-existent virtual particles not only create the universe but also hold it together. If divinity is manifested anywhere, it is here.

What is significant is that the intelligent virtualities or quantum states impart this information, that the interstellar drive stabilizes the universe, because they have:

"'...had word from the future about what this can mean to the future.'" (ibid.)

Human beings with light speed spaceships and holonts with trans-temporal communicators will unite the universe.

Equally startling is the suggestion that by communicating with other organic, and also inorganic, intelligences, human beings will understand their own minds better.

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