Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Some Previously Discussed Stories

(Don't waste a good cover.)

The fourth NESFA collection includes "The Star Beast." I considered rereading this story but then found that there is already quite an extensive discussion of it on the blog. See here.

I am able to find less on "The Adventure of the Misplaced Hound," so I expect to reread this story as well as the original version of the title story, "Admiralty."

Rick Katze writes in his Editor's Introduction that he had planned 6 volumes but now expects that there will be at least 7. I cannot suggest, "Continue indefinitely," because I dislike all the duplication of already published stories. I would suggest, "Stop this series now but plan for a Complete Works with non-series short stories reprinted in several volumes in their original publication order."

I now have an agenda, at least two stories to reread and post about, other activities permitting, over the next few days. (Family visit to Preston tomorrow.) Meanwhile, in Latin class, Aeneas confronts Charon in the Underworld.


  1. Kaor, Paul!

    I agree with your desire for a COMPLETE COLLECTED WORKS OF POUL ANDERSON. Problem is, that would be a huge and costly editorial task. Altho I hope volunteers freely donating their own time and labor in collecting and proof reading works chosen for the volumes of this COMPLETE WORKS might cut down on the costs. I even hope my own article "The Uncollected Works of Poul Anderson" would help in tracking down "lost" works of Anderson.


    1. Kaor, Paul!

      I think the first task of any editor/editors working on a COMPLETE COLLECTED WORKS OF POUL ANDERSON would be to simply compile a bibliography of ALL his works, fiction and non fiction, in chronological order. And then to track down copies of "lost" works by Anderson. Next comes working out which stories belong in which volume. E.g., I like your suggestion about an expanded PAST TIMES collecting short, non series time traveling stories.

      The history of how the works of Robert Heinlein and Jack Vance were collected into their own complete collections might give some useful pointers for any similar efforts with Anderson's works.