Friday, 3 July 2015

Many Multiverses

There are several fictional multiverses:

Michael Moorcock's, disrupted by the Conjunction of the Million Spheres and adapted for comic books;

DC Comics', ended by the Crisis on Infinite Earths but restored with 52 universes in a later Crisis;

Arnold Schwarzenegger's in The Last Action Hero, doing for feature films what DC Comics does for comics;

Poul Anderson's several universes linked to the Old Phoenix Inn;

SM Stirling's several alternative universes, of which I have so far read three -

Alexander the Great survived into old age and a Gate opened from an Earth almost indistinguishable from ours (one novel);

in 1878, cometary fragments devastated Earth and a psychic senses alternative Earths (one story and one novel);

powerful aliens had terraformed Venus and Mars and later opened Gates to other places (one story and two novels).

Stirling also has two (?) multi-volume alternative history series that I have not tackled yet.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I am not sure which others of Stirling's books I could recommend to you after you finish CONQUISTADOR. Chronologically, his four Draka books are among his earlier works. It's only fair to say they are very grim, even dystopian SF. Or I could suggest the five books he co authored with David Drake, "The General" series. The fact that an intelligent, self aware computer is a major "character" might interest you. Then there is his three Shadowspawn books. And his truly massive series beginning with DIES THE FIRE. With some hesitation I suggest either the Draka books or "The General" series.

Stirling has also co authored books with other writers, notably Jerry Pournelle, for GO TELL THE SPARTANS and PRINCE OF MERCENARIES.

S.M. Stirling has his own style, mind, and method of writing, but he also strongly reminds me of Poul Anderson. Which is one reason why I like his writing!