Sunday, 19 July 2015

Pir Panjal II

See here.

In "Pir Panjal," I listed the colors in the mountain range but omitted what those colors represented:

below the tree line are blue deodar and cedar and crimson maple trees;

at the tree line are gold birch trees;

above the tree line is white snow made pale rose by the sun.

By merely listing colors in the abstract, I overlooked the colorful details. Stirling must have seen the Pir Panjal mountain range to be able to describe it in this amount of detail?

Eric King and Ranjit Singh are in "Shikari in Galveston." Their sons, Athelstane King and Narayan Singh, are in The Peshawar Lancers. Eric died when Athelstane was six but Ranjit survives into the novel and tells Athelstane about his father. This information, bridging the gap between the shorter work and the novel, comprises a small part of the fascinating history of the Angrezi Raj timeline so it will be worthwhile to summarize such information here but not at this time of night, folks. Until some time tomorrow.

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