Sunday, 5 July 2015

Poul, Anderson and Poul Anderson

In the Lords of Creation timeline, a gathering of sf writers at the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago, 1962, includes "Poul," who brings a case of Tuborg, likes boats and comments on a television transmission from Mars.

In the FirstSide timeline, Tom Christiansen and Adrienne Rolfe both like a number of writers, including "Anderson." In the New Virginia timeline, Adrienne's library includes Three Hearts And Three Lions and A Midsummer Tempest. Tom recognizes the titles so we know that they were imported from FirstSide.

In our timeline, Poul Anderson (see image) wrote Three Hearts And Three Lions and A Midsummer Tempest.

Thus, here are three timelines containing respectively a Poul (presumably Anderson), a (presumably Poul) Anderson and a Poul Anderson but they are not exactly the same guy. The Poul of the Lords of Creation timeline lives in a detectably different Solar System whose history diverges drastically from ours after 1962. The Anderson of the FirstSide timeline lives on an Earth whose history diverges minimally from ours after 1617 and might diverge further later. I don't know yet.

But other activities call so that is the end of posting until this evening or maybe tomorrow.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I agree, I think of the FirstSide of CONQUISTADOR as OUR timeline, differing only minimally, in that THERE, unlike HERE, the male line of the Rolfe family survived to bring forth John Rolf VI, the founder of New Virginia. And I see you got at least as far as Adrienne's library, where Tom Christiansen noticed, and recognized, copies of THREE HEARTS AND THREE LIONS and A MIDSUMMER TEMPEST. Yes, logically, the Poul, Poul Anderson, Anderson, we see in these three timelines have to be considered "different" from each other. But, we, the readers of Stirling's Lords of Creation books and CONQUISTADOR, know he had our Poul Anderson in mind.