Monday, 27 July 2015

The History Of The Time Patrol

Manse Everard has a career in which:

he is recruited by Mr Gordon and he himself later recruits Pummairam and Wanda Tamberly;
his visit to Victorian London precedes his visit to post-Roman Britain;
some experiences remembered by him do not occur in the timeline guarded by the Time Patrol.

The entire Patrol has an internal history in which:

the Danellians intervene and establish the Patrol;
there is a first and eventually a last class of graduates from the Academy;
agents like Guion guard the history of the Patrol itself.

The Patrol must have a record of its own history, including the circumstances of each member's recruitment, the course of their careers and the dates of their deaths? Yet the quantum nature of reality is such that, on any occasion when a Patrol member returns from a visit to the past, he might find himself in a different version of reality. In that case, he will have to try to restore the preferred reality as recorded in the history and might fail.

A curious situation. 

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